regular class

We operate according to the schedule below, except on moon days, holidays, or sudden substitute classes.

※ We are closed on holidays and moon days.
※ For reservations, workshops, private lessons, etc., please contact us via the inquiry form or email!



Mysore Class

The traditional method of practicing Ashtanga Yoga as done in Mysore, South India.
Each practitioner follows a set sequence at their own pace while the teacher provides individual adjustments as needed.
Beginners are very welcome; we will guide you to gradually learn the sequence.
You can start and finish at any time within the scheduled hours.

Full Primary Led Class

We practice all poses of the Full Primary Series guided by the instructor.
Since the practice flows with the breath, detailed explanations of each asana are not provided.
The precise breathing and movements in the Led Class form the foundation for practice in the Mysore class.
Those who have practiced up to the Half Primary Series are welcome to join.

Conference(once a month)

Monthly conference held after the Saturday Led Class.
We will discuss yoga and important announcements regarding the shala.
Those who regularly attend Mysore classes are encouraged to participate.
Anyone attending Birdy can join for free.
It is usually scheduled for the beginning of each month, but it may change due to holidays or moon days.

Ashtanga Beginners

★For Beginners

Learn the basics of Ashtanga Yoga.
We provide detailed instruction on breathing techniques and asanas to help you memorize the sequence from the beginning to the Half Primary Series.
Saturdays require a reservation, so please book by noon the day before.

Relax Yoga Class

★ For Beginners

Yoga poses are said to take the shape of all things, and their number is countless.
It is believed that by mimicking these forms, we can gain life energy.
[Ha] = Sun, inhale; [Tha] = Moon, exhale.
This class is also recommended for those who regularly practice Ashtanga Yoga.

  • Please enter the class at least 5 minutes before it starts (excluding Mysore classes).
  • Trial lessons are available for any class. If you are completely new to yoga, please contact us.
  • Reservations are generally not required (except for classes that require reservations). For classes that require reservations, please contact us by noon the day before.
  • Tickets are for personal use only. Please use them within the validity period.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident, injury, theft, etc. within the studio, we are not responsible. We will do our best to prevent such incidents, but please practice and manage yourself responsibly.
  • If you have any chronic conditions or illnesses, please inform us in advance.
  • Try to practice on an empty stomach whenever possible.
  • If you cause a disturbance to other students, we may ask you to leave. Please cooperate to ensure everyone can enjoy learning yoga.



◎No membership or annual fees are required

First-time Trial Ticket
(3 sessions / valid for 1 month)
※ Usable only for the first time. ※ Non-refundable.
Drop-in (1 session) ¥3,000
4-session Ticket / valid for 2 months ¥9,900
8-session Ticket / valid for 3 months ¥17,600
Monthly Pass / valid for 1 month
(All classes available, including online)
※ ¥1,000 off for renewal within the period
Traveler 1week pass / valid for 1 week
(for travelers and those visiting from afar)


◎ Early Morning Mysore and Led Classes available
(reservation required)

on-line Drop-in ¥1,100
on-line Monthly Pass / valid for 1 month (renewable at the beginning of each month) ¥5,500


Rental Mat / 1 session ¥200
Rental Black Mat / 1 session
※ Limited availability, thank you for your understanding.
Traveler 1-week Rental Mat /  1 week
(for travelers and those visiting from afar)
Mat Storage Space / 6 months ¥3,000
Mat Storage Space / 1 year
※ If the renewal deadline is missed, we may move or remove the mat after confirming with you.

moon day

We are closed on Moon Days (new moon and full moon).

more Info

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